Saturday, 24 November 2012

Cod Countdown

As most of us are aware cod season opens this coming weekend!!!! And as the season opens, a New Release in the Hohnke Hooks line follows. I'm not Sure exactly what to call this one yet but its a big ass Gurgler top water fly that will entice the Murray Cod waiting for prey to fall helplessly in the water. Tied on a Gamakatsu 5/0 hook its a big bad fly that dosn't take the strength of the cod lightly, and to top it all off the materials are all locked into place with the undeniable strength of Clear Cure Goo.
Get in before the season opens, Available in a range of colours and combinations for $14.95AUD including free postage in Australia. For more info or to place an order email me

Dorrigo And My First Trifecta

A few weekends ago I had the honour of fishing with "The Dorrigo Gentlemen's Club". Upon arriving on Friday after work it was very clear it was going to be a challenging weekend, rain had set in and the creeks and rivers were rising. We still pushed against the elements but didn't come through until Sunday on the way home.  Myself and Josh Biddle fished a few creeks we knew would not be upset to badly from the rainfall which finally broke the fish drought of the weekend, and we landed some nice Brown Trout.

After deciding to make my way home to Tamworth I decided to try one last place, first cast and I landed a fit creek rainbow on a Nymph and second cast was my first ever Brook trout, which meant i had just completed my first trifecta, catching all 3 species of trout in one day... which in the New England area is no easy feat.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dreams All Start Somewhere

When I first got into fly fishing it was mainly and purely for Trout and Carp... But after reading magazines and talking and sharing stories with lots of people I now realize there is a lot more to the sport then Just 2 species, and to date I have now caught 16 Species of fish with a Flyrod and and estimated 300 different species of flora!
Now at the top of my to do list is a Sailfish on fly!! I know i cant finance this trip at the moment but i can start to tie flies for it!
This is my first Klingon Fly Gamakatsu SL12 Hook With a Gamakatso 4/0 stinger hook connected with 80lb wire trace and topped off with 15mm Clear Cure Eyes!
All Dreams start somewhere.....

Pete's Pulsars And After Work Carp Sessions

There's nothing better after a hot days work then rigging up a fly line and hitting your local fishing hole even if its just for carp! I first stumbled across Pete's Pulsar in Flylife Magazine and immediatly saw the benefits and the potential of the pattern after whipping a few up it was time to hit the water, and the carp LOVE this fly!
You can watch the video here!!
I also caught my first Mirror Carp on this Pattern!!

Monday, 5 November 2012


What a crazy month it has been here at Hohnke Hooks, possibly the busiest I have been since opening sales to the public and retail in June this year and we also achieved a milestone of 100 Likes on Facebook!!
I have introduced the biggest fly in the Hohnke Hooks range so far The Hohnke Hooks Deceiver.
Tied on a 6/0 Gamakatsu SL12 hook the sharpest and strongest big game hooks on the market today!!
These can be tied with or without the weed guard making them a very versatile fly for big freshwater and salt-water Fish!! and just to top it off they all boast Clear Cure Eyes the most realistic eyes on the fly tying market to date and all materials are locked into place with the undeniable strength of Clear Cure Goo!
these sell for $14.99 

Monday, 1 October 2012

Opening Weekend Was A Big Hit For Hohnke Hooks!!!

Awesome opening weekend for Sarah, Andrew and myself! Sarah caught her first ever brown and Andrew and myself smashed 7 trout on #12-#14 copper head nymphs I whipped up this week! Saturday was a cracker of and day and by cracker I mean the weather was crap! Rain, wind and cold!!! About the same story every year for season opening in the New England!!! But hey persisting in the elements and catching fish on Hohnke Hooks is what it's all about!!! Today (Monday) was a lot better 23 degrees Celsius, not a cloud in sight and a gentle breeze. Andrew had hooked 2 fish before I even walked 10m from the Bravo to the creek. the rainbows seem to be very acrobatic this season which always makes it that extra special!!! Enjoy the photos and I look forward to tying orders for you in the future!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


After months of cold, hard fishing things are finally starting to warm up here in Tamworth! The carp are readily
Taking fly, and the golden and silver perch are starting to smash lures (which is always a good sign) and the trout season opens this weekend and we also welcome daylight savings (it's a beautiful thing).
I love this time of year my mind wanders and thinks of all the places I fished last season, will the same fish be there? How much bigger will they be? And how will the creeks look after heavy rainfall? Questions that will be answered as I rig up my fly rod and Sarah's spin rod this weekend.
And what better way to channel some of that energy then into afternoons at the vice finishing off last minute orders for highly valued customers. I just hope I have enough materials to make sure I can give my box a refresh


Hohnke Hooks Mugs
Hectic day at work, boss down your back, all you want to do is sit down make a nice big cuppa and daydream about flyfishing. If you can relate to that this mug is for you!! I will be doing a group buy of these at the end of Sept 2012, Price will be $15AUD dollars posted. to pre-order yours email me or inbox Hohnke Hooks on Facebook.
Tight Lines!