Hohnke Hooks Deceivers 6/0
Hohnke Hooks Deceivers are a premium fly anbd perfect for chasing Murray Cod/ Pike/ Offshore Species and are avaliabvle in a range of different colours. with the option to be made with or without a weedguard. Tied on either Gamakatsu Sl12's or Owner AKI's depending on avaliability.

Honk Dawg's
Measure in at well over 180mm in length! They are a Big Kick Ass Tandem Fly tied on a 5/0 Gamakatsu siwash with a 3/0 for the tail. Best tied on with a loop knot these thing wiggle from side to side and send the Murray Cod into a FRENZY! Boosting 12.7mm Clear Cure Eyes tie one on and see for yourself! I'm confident they would bring most big predators such as Musky or Pike undone as well. 

Hohnke Hooks Clousers

Hohnke Hooks Clousers are tied with premium materials from companies such as,
Spirit River and Clear Cure goo. They are a proven fish catcher for Australian species such as Flathead, Flounder, Bream and a host of other species and just to top it off they are only

Hohnke Hooks Shrimp
I first developed this pattern for the warm water species around my area such as Carp, Redfin, Golden Perch, Silver Perch, and what a weapon of a fly it has become!!!! Just imagine a big 5-10lb carp back out of the water looking for food in a warm gravely creek bed, you cast about 2 feet a head of him and use short sharp strips, you see him key in on the shrimp and before you know it your rod is buckled over and the carp is getting aerial. If you can imagine that, THIS FLY IS FOR YOU.
Skull Drag Queens

What an incredible pattern this is!!! I first came across this pattern in FlyLife by Chris Beech, the principle behind it is simple, you want a baitfish profile that gets down to the bigger fish FAST!!! I field tested this fly on Australian salmon and caught my biggest one to date on it as well as a handful of others. 
The Jelly Belly Minnow
(credit to Marc Griffiths for another innovative fly design. Check out Flylife magazine (Aus) for Marc's other patterns and
This became one of my favourite Australian Salmon flies very quickly its slim slendor baitfish profile with that natural translucency is just all to much for a big thumping Salmon to resist!!
Avaliable in Tan or Olive size 6-1/0 

Happy Cutomer Mark Hohnke with his first Australian Salmon on fly!! caught with a 1/0 Olive JBM!!

Polar Fibre Minnows
If they eat baitfish they will eat these!!!!!
Tied on the toughest hooks available Gamakatsu Sl12's are a serious big game hook and to top it off they are all locked in with the ultimate strength of clear cure goo. 1/0 available in pink/blue/olive

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