Thursday, 11 April 2013

Happy Customer

Check out this 72cm Murray Cod! Caught on a Hohnke Hooks 6/0 Deceiver in Purple over black! This is what gives me the inspiration to tie!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

New Look Packaging

I'm pleased to announce all our flies will now be shipped out in premium packaging!
The costing is next to nothing and It makes them easier to manage from a retail perspective!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Testing the "Top Dawg" pattern

So I have been busy making up a prototype surface fly for Murray cod.... And this is what you can expect to see when you tie one one.... Heart attack fishing at its best

Top Dawg Field Test from Ben Hohnke on Vimeo.

I have been busy making a top water fly for chasing Murray Cod. I worked out a prototype and took it to the river for testing. I think this video shows it will work....

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Good Food.. Good Times... And Carp On Glass

Well what a weekend it has been.
It started Saturday lunch time when we made our way to the D.A.G Sheep Station, packing the rods, esky and other assorted goodies. We had been invited to some friends family reunion and we had an absolute blast. Being a Scottish gathering it kicked off with haggis which was surprisingly good, and spit roast pork and beef for the main course.
So upon waking I went exploring for a new carp spot. And I found a cracker, clear water, rocky bottom and absolute Brute carp! I was busted off twice before I finally bought one of the smaller fish to hand... Which was one big ass carp! So I'm keen to get back to this spot that's for sure! Oh and did I mention all this was on my 4 weight CTS Quartz and home made reel?
Then it was onto home to get ready and head to Willow Tree to have the best steak in the world hands down from Graze for a combined birthday lunch (my Birthday Tomorrow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEC DAVIS :) ).
And now I'm sitting here getting the blog up to date high on life and good food, anticipating the weekends to come!!!!
Disclaimer: the turtle was returned to the water, however he is missing his dignity.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Orders Orders Orders. Interstate and International

Well it's been a busy 2 weeks here at Hohnke Hooks, it seems just as I Finish an order another one rolls right on in, which is great! I now stock a range of Murray Cod flies at Tamworth Fishing Tackle & The Great Outdoors, so if you are in the Tamworth head in and say hello to Dean & Tim and be sure to have a look at the range of Hohnke Hooks, they are selling like hotcakes though so you have to be quick to get your hands on some!
I've also just dispatched my second international order this one is headed to Oregon for Salmon & Trout, consisting of some sculpins, stoneflies, hoppers and egg sucking leeches.
And the final order to go out for the week was for a Victorian fisho going to chase some Murray Cod On Fly for 12 days. Lucky man.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Introducing the "HonkDawg" pattern.

As of recent months I have set out to start a new line of flies designed for catching Murray Cod.
There will be range of premium flies under the Cod Dawg range as I develop them. The first one in the series is the HonkDawg! It's a kick ass tandem fly in excess of 180mm long with a 5/0 up front and 3/0 in the tail. It has 12.7mm Lava Clear Cure Eyes, Clear cure Expando Tube immediately behind the eyes to keep bulk in the Body and create irresistible movement as well as featuring the stunningly good looks of Misfit Hot Hackles!
I had my first Murray Cod on this pattern within 15mins of tying it on! And he absolutely inhaled it!
I can guarantee it will work on most predatory fish and not just cod though... Musky and pike immediately come to mind.
Email to order:

P.s you can watch the video here!

Hohnke Hooks Field Test: Honkdawg Tandem from Ben Hohnke on Vimeo.

I recently came up with a new pattern designed to target the Murray Cod that inhabit my home waters.. i tied a few up and took them for a run on the river.. The Results were impressive as this Young Murray cod launched himself at the fly as i drew it out from the structure.
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Thursday, 7 February 2013

'Twas The Night Before Bassmass

Well it's almost here, it's the night before my weekend adventure on the bass. The car is packed and fueled up, the boat is ready. Throw in some food tomorrow and by the time it's 3pm we will exit the Country Music Capital of Australia stage right and head off across the Divide to Lake Glenbawn "Home Of The Mega Bass".
I havn't done any bass fishing for almost 4 years now, so I currently feel like a small child the night before Christmas, especially considering this will be the first time I chase them on fly!
While packing some gear I found a photo of the 2nd ever bass I caught off the surface! They are a brutal striker and fight to the end.

All this aside I should try and sleep as I still have to work early tomorrow... Actually this morning.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Expanding Horizons: Tasmania

I seriously cannot believe I forgot to upload this trip!! (well to be honest I was that busy explaining to every one where I went what I did Etc Etc, you know how post holidays are, not to mention the transferring of literally HUNDREDS of gigabytes of video footage). But any ways enough excuses.

On the 8th December 2012, was the slowest day on earth ever recorded.. well at work any ways.
But the time came and myself and Mark left the country music capital of Australia via plane in search of Tasmania's wild brown trout.

We rented a car, grabbed some fishing licences, and some last minute supplies before heading to our base camp at Great Lake, and by camp I mean room at the great lake hotel, with electricity, pub food every night and warm cosy beds. The first arvo we got lucky with Mark landing his first tassie brown!

This was my 2nd trip to Tassie exclusively fishing (been heaps for family) and i was yet to land a Tassie brown on fly after the last disastrous trip. But I knew deep down things would be different.

one afternoon we went for a drive in desperation to find fish, we passed over a canal and I saw a really decent trout with its fins out of the water!! and another one jump as we went passed, to make sure my eyes weren't going crazy I made Mark reverse and yep they were defiantly fish! we pulled out our fisheries book and check the regulations and as it turned out it was a declared trout water with a size and bag limit.

I made a cast to the big fish in the hole (his name is now Boris) but he just plain refused. Long story short I caught this one after he rose to some caddis shortly after! My first tassie brown!

The best part of the trip was when we met up with world Famous Fly Fisherman Chris Reygaert and headed out into the Western Lakes, what put in a solid effort to the campsite (10km walk in) setup camp and headed off for a fish.

Mark or myself both managed a Brown for the day and all three of us dropped/got busted off to some cracker fish. The Western Lakes should be on every fly fishermans to do list!

Unfortunalty we only got one days fishing in the Western Lakes as when we woke up the following morning a Storm whipped up and forced us to leave (typical Tasmania).

We made one last fishing trip after the Western Lakes.. and that was to a Beautiful rainforest creek.
and we managed a handful of the most vibrantly coloured Brown Trout I have ever seen.

The weather turned crap so we packed up the fly rods and did some touristy things, like Visiting the James Boag Brewery!
It finished the trip off nicely and finally washed the bitter taste out of my mouth from the trip 3 years prior.
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