Thursday, 28 February 2013

Introducing the "HonkDawg" pattern.

As of recent months I have set out to start a new line of flies designed for catching Murray Cod.
There will be range of premium flies under the Cod Dawg range as I develop them. The first one in the series is the HonkDawg! It's a kick ass tandem fly in excess of 180mm long with a 5/0 up front and 3/0 in the tail. It has 12.7mm Lava Clear Cure Eyes, Clear cure Expando Tube immediately behind the eyes to keep bulk in the Body and create irresistible movement as well as featuring the stunningly good looks of Misfit Hot Hackles!
I had my first Murray Cod on this pattern within 15mins of tying it on! And he absolutely inhaled it!
I can guarantee it will work on most predatory fish and not just cod though... Musky and pike immediately come to mind.
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P.s you can watch the video here!

Hohnke Hooks Field Test: Honkdawg Tandem from Ben Hohnke on Vimeo.

I recently came up with a new pattern designed to target the Murray Cod that inhabit my home waters.. i tied a few up and took them for a run on the river.. The Results were impressive as this Young Murray cod launched himself at the fly as i drew it out from the structure.
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