Saturday, 2 February 2013

Australian Bass. Could It Be Species No. 20 On The Fly?

I still remember the first time I ever went bass fishing, It was peak summer Tim and I weren't even really going fishing we had planned to go for a hunt with the bows and the property owner mentioned there was the odd fish in the river we would camp on and to bring a rod just in case. Of course back then we were to young to own a drivers licence so we were dropped off at about 11am, it was stinking hot and cicadas filled the air. We decided instead of going straight out for a hunt we would dip our feet in the river and chuck some spinner baits out (hadn't learnt to fly fish back then). On my first cast I had a good hit which completely spun me out, and second cast in the same spot and I had my first Australian Bass, what stemmed from there was us not going hunting the whole time we camped there but rather just fishing the river, we ended up with 28 bass and yellow belly between us and 2 of the bass coming off surface! Also my first fish on surface techniques. Bass consumed my weekends from then on and made me long forget trout for awhile, pound for pound bass kick ass!

The last time I caught a bass was just after my 18th birthday.. Which seems like yesterday but in fact it's coming up close to 4 years ago!!!
So when a trip had been planned for this coming weekend down to Lake Glenbawn "home of the mega bass" I was just a tad keen to accept the offer.

It feels weird to be finally going to chase one of my favourite fish and do it with my fly rod! Something I should have done a long long time ago. But in preparation I have been tying these up:
Frog poppers
Wooley Bugger variants with a cone head and ribbed with lead.

In this impoundment I know it's important to get down deep with the fly!
Less then a week to go. I'm keen. Keen as mustard.

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